Ticknick, Ticknock, Ballybrack, Blackrock

Michael McLoughlin‘s work often focuses on lived memory and how we define the space we live in. This could be first memories of a place. How we give directions or describe it to someone else, or how we define the places that are important to us.

There have been huge developments in the exit 15 area over the past 30 years, the initial building in Ballyogan, local services, the M50, the LUAS, Carrickmines apartments, the Park and much more. With this art project, McLoughlin and the community set out to map experiences of all of these and the experience of an area in which people live, work, and play.

Michael’s project engaged with residents of all ages to map the experiences of living in the area of exit 15.  Using sound recording, stories about the area, mapping and drawings they explored together how residents negotiate the area now and how they did so at different points in time; 10, 20, 30 years ago.  The artwork  from the project is something that can be shared with future residents, or revisited down the way as a reminder of generations past.