Flying Blind Semi Blue With A Belly Full Of Ring ‘A Ring ‘A Rosy

Flying Blind Semi Blue With A Belly Full Of Ring ‘A Ring ‘A Rosy

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Exit 15 Commission

Exit 15 Commission

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Engagement is at the heart of this programme.
Early in the life of this programme, a selection panel representative of local residents, services and arts expertise met to select the artists that would work on phase one of Exit 15. The three artists selected were visual artist Michael McLoughlin, video/ photography artist and folklore expert Michael Fortune, and award winning Mark Storor.




Exit 15 is a creative place programme responding to the artistic aspirations of local people in the area of Exit 15. 

Throughout phase one of Exit 15 three projects will unfold as artists Michael Fortune, Michael McLoughlin and Mark Storor engage with local people.


In July the Arts Council announced that six major arts projects around the country were awarded Funding under the Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Exit 15 was one of these.


This project is funded under the The Arts Council Ireland‘s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme which supports initiatives in the field of local-authority-led arts development. The emphasis is placed on supporting partnerships that focus on developing projects, resources or services that are ambitious and
are testing new ground.

Exit 15 is a partnerships between Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and Voluntary Arts Ireland. Exit 15 is a creative place programme responding to the artistic aspirations of local people in the Ballyogan area
of DLR. It is coupled with an action research project led by Queens University in tandem with two other local authorities and arts partners with extensive experience in arts and communities of interest.


Since 1994 Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has taken great pride in developing and supporting the Arts. The Council views the arts as an important service that contributes to the quality of life for those who
live in, work in and visit the County. They are extremely proud of their reputation as a supportive home for the arts and believe in their intrinsic value and the vital contribution that they make to the wellbeing and
quality of life of the County.
For more information, please visit www.dlrcoco.ie/en/arts/about-us


Voluntary Arts works to promote and increase active participation in creative cultural activities across the UK and Republic of Ireland. They provide information and advice services, undertake lobbying and advocacy work and deliver, and support the delivery of, projects to develop participation in creative cultural activities. They support is particularly focused on those creative citizens who – beyond their own participation and beyond any remuneration – give their time to make such activity more available within their communities (of locality and interest) and to improve the quality and range of those opportunities and activities.

Dr. Victoria Durrer, Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy at Queen’s University Belfast, is researching and facilitating reflection on the learning we are gaining through the project.